Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winter is still here

When we poked our nose out of the door this morning, it was cold and raining, which is what it did all day.  Tonight, we went to a friend's house for dinner and it seemed like it was colder.    It certainly is time to get serious about heading to warmer climates.  Our plan is to head south on Thursday, and it won't be soon enough.

We spent more time sorting and looking for a few items.  We're trying to gather all of the radio equipment together so that when non-radio people help Lavonne, they won't dispose of something that the radio needs. The antenna I'm looking for is probably about 36 to 48 inches long with a bayonet mount.  It probably also has a center loading coil.  Thus it is a unique piece of equipment and should be easily recognized.

We've spent some time this afternoon plotting our route south.  It is about 950 miles, so it ought to be an easy 3 days.  (Very little of it is interstate and much of it is on roads that we have traveled before.)  It will be nearly straight south and finally angling west  to pass south of Dallas,  I'm ready to hit the road.

The Old Farmer's Advice:   Remember that Silence is sometimes the best answer!



  1. Gene:

    This isn't related to today's blog but I thought you might be interested. A lady was talking about the costs of getting a B-12 shot vs doing the shot herself. There is a big difference in costs. Here is the link to her blog.

  2. Doug,
    The link takes me to their blog, but it is only the opening page.