Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting ready to roll east shortly

We spent Sunday (today) relaxing our time away with friends.  It just felt nice to be off of the road.  But we're getting in the mood to hit the road again.   We've planned out the route and are looking forward to "getting their".

The last couple of days have been a warm-up to our more extended boondocking plans.   We did not plug into  our friends AC but depended upon our solar to carry us through.  And it did a fine job of keeping the lights on and providing power for the inverter to power the computers.   We anticipate that one the road, we'll be staying at Walmart parking lots, and it is all boondocking (parking without hookups).

We've had a wonderful time here in Lakeside Village visiting friends of ours from the days when we went to  Pharr, TX each winter.   Lou is a real computer whiz and it was great listing to him tell about the trials and tribulations of fixing other peoples machines.   The price is right (free) and he enjoys helping others.   The grapevine works very well to bring in more business (which he really isn't after.)

The old Farmer's Advice:  Timing has a lot to do with the outcome  of  a rain dance!


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