Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday was a bummer

This is a rare event, as we are cranking out two blog entries in one day.   The first one this morning at 4:30 AM and this one at 8 PM.  But there is a reason.   What I didn't mention this morning was that both of us were up early  because we were suffering from a case of food poisoning.  I was up at 4:15  and went back to bed in 10 minutes. Sandy rose at 4:30 and I was back up at 4:40 AM.  

Sandy's first comment was, "Was it about 12 hours ago that we ate dinner?"   I'm not sure which poisoning it is, but I seem to remember that it takes about 12 hours to hit you.  Needless to say, we didn't do much for most of the day.  (Sandy suffered much more than I did.)   By evening,  I was pretty well back to par while Sandy was very weak.   We've now had dinner and an evening shower and she appears to be much better.

We know that it was food poisoning because about a third of our group here suffered.   I went out to the morning fire this morning and those there seemed to be pretty normal.  Finally I decided to raise the question about every one's health and my concern for any singles and explained our problem.   Suddenly about half of that group admitted that one or both in their RV had a problem.  We compared notes on who ate what and concluded that it had to be the turkey or the gravy.  ( The turkey had been picked off of the bones and was not even warm when we were served.)  Since no gloves were used in the serving line, we suspect that no gloves were used when the meat was removed from the bones.  I intend to speak with the head cook tomorrow.

Otherwise, there isn't much to report.   The sunshine continued to brighten our day with temperatures in the mid 70s.  We can handle that.


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