Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving, 2011

We in this country, especially ourselves, have much to be thankful for.  Especially while many of our friends suffer through the cold in the north, we relax here in Florida (north end, about 45 Friday this morning).  We're not fighting airline delays or highway traffic problems.

Enough of that. I had troublle sleeping this morning, so we decided to rise early and bang out the blog that I missed last night.  (I'm sorry, I was napping at the switch.)  I sometimes think I'm getting my nights and morning mixed up.  I want to sleep in the evening in my chair and then this morning after 4 AM, I'm wide awake in bed.  A very revolting development.  Or is it genetic, as I remember that my dad used to rise very early.

Or do I blame it on the local  rooster contingent, which started crowing (with gusto) at 4 AM?  Normally they announce the new day by 2 AM!

The Pow-Wow started yesterday at 1 PM and continues on for the rest of the weekend.  By Sunday evening, the boom, boom, boom of the drums will be well set in our heads.  (Last night long after the program ended, someone here in the parking area either had a recording or else he was practicing with his new drum set.)

Enough for this morning.


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