Monday, November 14, 2011

Leaving Texas finally

We're not gone yet, but we're getting close to the border on the east.  Texas is a big state, no matter how you cross it.  We have about a hundred miles to go before we exit it.   We left our friends this morning shortly after 8 AM and pushed east.  It was Whitney, Hillsboro, and a few more small towns.   We picked up highway 287 and have been following it until we got to Woodville when we picked up highway 190.  287 ranges from a four lane highway to a very narrow 2 lane highway, with zero  shoulders.  But we took it easy plus we had a strong cross wind most of the day. Mileage will not be good.

I had a list of things I was going to talk about tonight.  But it is all for naught.  They have done disappeared from the memory bank.  Tonight we are resting in luxuries comfort in a COE park.  (Our plan was to stop at a Walmart along the way; this is much better and only $9.)  The park is flat as a pancake and really spaced out.  No crowding here.   When I called to see if it was open, the fellow on the line was very hesitant until I said it was for only one night.  Apparently this campground will filll up and be over flowing by Thanksgiving.  (Most of the sites have a reserved sticker on them telling us that we can't stay long.)  It is a very nice, spaced out place.  Sandy has even mentioned that a second night here would be okay.  Was that a hint?

Tomorrow we'll cross over into Louisiana, drop down to Lake Charles and then push east on I-10/12.  It warmed up yesterday and tonight the temperatures must be in the high 70s yet.   No frost on the pumpkin around here tonight.  The forecast is for rain tomorrow afternoon, so that will be a small incentive to  keep moving east.  On the other hand, Texas needs the rain, lots of it.

The Old Farmer's Advice:  If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin'.


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