Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Rally has started, the rains have stopped!

We started the day as a very cloudy and dreary looking day, but by night fall, things have brightened up.   We had our first meeting of the group, a potluck meal. There was plenty of food and I think all were happy.  Also a fire was included for any that wanted to sit around the fire.

We were joined by 6 or 8 more motorhomes from the FMCA chapter and I think they have been merged into the group.  The grounds have been marked with lots of  yellow ribbons for various reasons.  The only one that is obvious is there seems to be a 5 foot square marked out at several ground hog holes where a very small palm tree is planted.  I'm not really sure if the two are connected, but that is what it appears to be.   I think the trees are recent plantings, as not all of them are alive.

We drove into Fort McCoy again today to get our mail, which was in.  I still wonder why two post offices have the same zip code.  Some others here have avoided that problem by ordering their mail to a town 6 miles north of us.   Should we return, I'll keep that in mind.

Tonight Sandy is getting frustrated trying to make sure she orders the correct Garmin Trucker's GPS with Lifetime Updates.   No, we don't have a truck, but the trucker's version allows the user to program several options for big rigs.  (I think she has ordered it.  Now to get it to us.  It is being sent to daughter's house.)  I wanted to order a power cord, but I can't find my bid snip web site.  (I found it later  - Snipeswipe).  I tell them what my maximum bid is and they submit it in the last few seconds of the bidding.  Supposedly this prevents others from raising their bid at the last minute.  Ah, the games people play!

We have been quoting from the "An Old Farmer's Advice", as printed in a classmate's Memorial program.  You may find it online by doing a Google for "the old farmer's advice".  There are several variations so I  have found.  Here is one site:


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