Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It is raining, and we should be cheering

It may sound kind of strange that we're camping in the rough and we are still cheering about rain.  But these people need the rain and I'm not about to object.  What little I've seen of some ponds and water holes, they need lots liquid sunshine!   Everyone may be happy that the south eastern part of the U.S.A. hasn't been hit by a hurricane this year, but it is those hurricane rains that fill the ponds and swamps.

A few more RV'rs arrived today and again to my embarrassment, I didn't remember a lady from an earlier event.   After she was parked and came to the social circle for introductions, when it came my turn, she said, "I was parked next to you last year!"    I guess in a nutshell, her presence last year didn't register with me.    I haven't counted faces, but I'd guess that about half of the members here now claim to recognize me from earlier encounters.

I mentioned last night about the many subjects that were addressed during the social discussions.   I really tried to record some of the subjects today and sometimes it was hard to summarize in a couple of words what the subject was.  The subjects ranged from Buffalo herds in Custer State Park in South Dakota to guns when crossing the borders to Hobo Pies.  At least we're not getting bored being around each other.

We went into Fort McCoy today to pick up our mail.   Well, just as in previous years, it went to the other post office that has the same ZIP code.   That is right, two post offices here have the same ZIP code.  So even though it was addressed to Fort McCoy, FL  , they sent it to Salt Springs, FL.  Two years ago when we wanted our mail to be in Salt Springs, it went to Fort McCoy.   So they'll send it to Fort McCoy tonight and I  can get it tomorrow.  Such is the life of wandering senior citizen.

According to our hostess, we're supposed to get another dozen or so RV's tomorrow from an FMCA chapter.   however, several of them have canceled because Cynthia was not providing them with a 50 amp connection.  I guess roughing it is not in their vocabulary.    

The old farmer's advice: "Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God."


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