Friday, November 18, 2011

A Day of Rest before hitting the road.

We've been here at the Plantation RV Park west of Summerdale, Alabama for 2 days and it has been great.  Have we done much? NO.  Have we relaxed? Yes.   So tomorrow we hit the road again.  As I mentioned yesterday, we're boondocking here and last night we had second thoughts.  It was just plain cold even though we piled on the blankets.  This morning, it was 51 degrees in the bedroom and 44 degrees in the kitchen/living room.  I was surprised that body heat would raise the bedroom that much.  But since we're planning to boondock throughout Florida this winter, I guess we need to become accustomed to the cold!

Our goal tomorrow is the SuperWalmart at Live Oak, Florida, just off of the interstate.   Yes, we called and a polite telephone operator said yes, we can park there, as long as it is away from the building. That is good enough for us.  Besides, if one parks near the building, there is lots of traffic.

We used the house battery pretty heavy last night and it was cloudy this morning, so we fired up the Honda generator for 90 minutes to recharge our batteries.  It worked, as by noon, the solar system had finished the recharging. That is the recommended approach and it works.  (Use the generator to do the initial bulk charging and let the solar system do the finishing charge.) We used the generator again in the evening when Sandy wanted to bake a squash for dinner.   Our Honda 2000i is just large enough to power the convection oven in either oven or microwave mode.  Isn't technology wonderful?

It is a 310 mile run tomorrow on almost all interstate which should make it a decent drive.  On Sunday, we only have a hundred miles to cover.

The old Farmer's Advice:  Always drink upstream from the herd!


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