Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today we traveled through Dry East Texas

Today we meandered our way through east Texas and finally arrived at a little town near Lake Charles, LA.   We found a very nice laundromat  in Jasper, TX that is probably the largest one we've been in and we were the only customers. Plus the parking lot was large enough to accommodate our motorhome and toad.

Since leaving Hillsboro (Texas) we've been on highways 287 and 190.   What surprised us was the variability of the surfaces. The highways went from divided 4 lane to a very narrow two lane with zero shoulder if you fell off of the asphalt and back again. But we successfully managed to travel it with no problems.

We're parked tonight at a friendly Walmart in Jennings, Louisiana  The entry was a challenge until we found the last entrance.  At the third entrance, there was a sign on a post of  "Trucks and RVs use last entrance".  So we knew that they were thinking of us.  We went to customer service to get permission and the gal there was very accommodating.  They don't want us parking near the building, which is understandable.  So we're tucked in a far out corner away from all of the traffic, which is great.

The old farmer's advice:  Sometimes you Get and sometimes you get Got!


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