Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Snow, it is not welcome

We're here in Iowa for another day or so.  To our great disappointment, it snowed last night.  Not much and it melted off by noon, but it was cold, especially  since we left Arizona about 2 weeks ago when we were using the AC to keep cool.   Give us about 3 days and we'll be warmer I hope.

Today we went to visit with my mother again in the care center.  We had made prior arrangements to eat with her and what a joy.  We had a cloth covered table outside of the main dining room.  I wasn't really turned on with the menu, but it was more than adequate.

We've about wrapped up our efforts here to sort the computer equipment and the radio equipment.   Even today we found another box on his work bench instead of stacked with the radio equipment.  It was a radio antenna tester that I didn't even realize Denny had.

Sandy resorted our bags so that we have everything we need for the next few days in one bag.   One of the advantages of doing that is that we also now have more room in our bedroom.  This living out of a suitcase (or  2 plus 3 tote bags) is a pain.  The problem is that I can't remember what is where.

The Old Farmer's Advice:  Live a good honorable life.


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