Monday, November 28, 2011

We have arrived at our Park near Punta Gorda, FL

We put in a full day moving ourselves from the Pow-wow near Ocala to our park near Punta Gorda in the south of Florida (about 250 miles).    It rained about half of the time, but the real killer was the gusty winds that were mostly head on.   Our mileage probably really took a hit.

We stopped at the Best Buy in Ocala to look at a Kindle Touch for Sandy (Ouch).  No purchase yet, but it is getting close.  While there, she had to take in a couple of yarn shops for good measure.   We finally departed Ocala by 11 AM and put in a steady day heading south.   I remember the weather map from last night as a straight line of showers, N to S and I suspect that we were driving in it all the way.  The traffic was moderate.

We stopped at Arcadia for fuel, groceries and to see if I could get my B-12 shot.  In the end, the shot idea was for naught, as Walgreens didn't have it in stock.  I guess I'll see if I can find it on down the road.  One complication is that in Florida, the pharmacy can administer shots for the flu, but nothing else.  So we  have to pick up the prescription and then find a nurse that will give us the shot.  (I'm chicken and can't do it myself.)

Upon arriving at the park, Sandy went to the call box and announced our presence so that they would open the gate.  Thankfully, the rain was only a heavy mist at the time.  (We don't have a remote opener yet.)  All the little things that aren't important until you're here.  Tomorrow is laundry day so that we have some clean clothes again.   The laundry bag is full and needs to be worked on, but: I drug my feet for two reasons, a:) I didn't want to take time away from the Pow-wow and b:) It is much cheaper here in the park and much more convenient!   We're here only two days, and presently, no plans to leave the park until we head for the Rendezvous in Cypress Preserve (near the Everglades).

I may have trouble sleeping tonight.  There are no chickens nearby  to crow, nor are there any dogs barking now and then.   Also, we're far enough from the road I think so that there is not any road noise. In short, it is so quiet here that it may be hard to take.  But I'm sure we'll enjoy it!

One thing I failed to mention was how great it felt when we had finally parked this beast on the lot and turned the engine off.  It was time for my glass of wine while Sandy was busy preparing supper.   (I avoid eating much during the day while driving, so dinner in the evening is a real treat.)

The challenge tomorrow will be getting my to do list done in spite of the neighbors stopping by to welcome us into the park again.  We'll not tell them that we leave on the First of December again.


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  1. We've been to Punta Gorda a couple times. What park are you in.