Monday, November 21, 2011

Social Hour, all day long

This is a first full day of being at the Chamber's farm for the pow wow and we've certainly used the time.  There has been one nearly continuous social hour outside of our door.  I mentioned last night that I should have kept track of the various subjects addressed.  Well, I was reminded of that this morning by Tom, but I was too lazy to start writing.  How can you be a part of the conversation if you're trying to keep notes?  Sometimes the subjects change very fast!

Sandy and I did take a break and walked the field from north to south where the cars will be parked.  We needed the exercise and I wanted to see what was under the trees along the border.  We did learn that there is running water (a hose bib) about every hundred yards.   So the grounds can accommodate lots of tent campers. Also, the area under the trees to the west has been somewhat cleared of the underbrush.   Back at the site, later we walked up to the area where the vendors will be parking and the event circle is located.  People are showing up, but all was quiet.

Back at the motorhome, Tom helped us perform a little performance test on our solar panels.  We covered all of the panels but one to see how much power was being obtained from the uncovered panel.  We did this for the four panels and I was disappointed that all are working (more or less).  I was kind of hoping that one of the panels would be kaput so we could fix it.   Then we could expect more solar power in the days to come.   But I guess we'll live with what we have.  (The batteries were recharged by 2 pm, so things aren't too bad.   Tom who is parked next to us mentioned what his solar package is, so we ended up doing an inspection of each.  Our package has about 10 percent more collector capacity than his and we're getting about the same power out of the system.  So we concluded that both systems are probably working correctly.

There were many subjects addressed by the group.   For starters, when one talks solar, one has to talk about batteries. (Lots of hot air spent there.)   Of course, when talking solar, one also has to talk about Quartzsite and the SLABs, where a good solar installer is located.     We were interrupted once when my sister called to ask if I wanted to talk with my mother?   Of course we do.  (Mother is in a care center and has no phone in her room.  So sister calls me so that I can call the office to take the cordless phone to mother.)  She is very hard of hearing and conversation is at best difficult.  But she knows me and we know she is doing well (at the age of 100 plus).

There were several other subjects addressed, most like a bump  in the road, "here and gone in an instant!"  but everyone gets to have their input, if they can out talk the dominate talkers.  (Watch that one bite me later.)

We're back on the farm and one could be up with the chickens.  We have several in the neighborhood and they certainly seem to sound off very early.  However, we try to sleep in a little longer!

The old farmer's advice:   If you get to thinkin' that you're a person of influence, try ordering somebody else's dog around.


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