Sunday, November 27, 2011

The 2011 Chandler's Farm Pow-wow is History

My apologies,  but I slipped up on yesterday's blog.   No excuses, other than we were so busy with the shut eye that I couldn't type it in.    I guess I fell asleep early in the evening and when Sandy woke me up, it was time for the sack!

Tonight it was a tad batter.   I wasn't sleeping, but we had a long phone call from an old friend from my home town area and college.   We talked for about 3/4 of an hour and it was great to visit again.   Afterwards, we sent him an email, and posted some other stuff and I was ready for the sack.  But then we remembered, we had more work to do.  (Find a phone number of a Walgreens, transfer some money to cover a check, and write a blog entry for today.)   So here I am with the first two items done.

I think that in the last entry, I had mentioned that we both had some food poisoning.   I recovered rather fast, but Sandy has had to struggle with it.  Today (Sunday) has really been a better day finally.  I think it will still be another day or two for her system to get back into the swing of things.    After all, you have to reload all of the food processing after it has been cleaned out.  Such is life!

We went to the final Pow-Wow activities this afternoon.   It may been good, but the mind can only absorb so much after the posterior has had enough.  (We even took our own good lawn chairs.)  Of course, one never knows when things will happen here either.   The local joke is that it starts at 1 PM (IT).  (The IT stands for Indian Time, which means it will happen sometime today!)   Starting time for the previous evening activities has always been listed as (6:00 or 7:00) PM.   On Thursday, it was shortly after 7.  On Friday, it was shortly after 6 and Saturday night was closer to 6:30 pm.  So one never knows.

With most of us leaving tomorrow, there has been a lot of activity about where each is going and when.   Plus there has been some help sessions to resolve some questions on the RV.   In a group like this, there are numerous experts, with some more expert than others.   One of the issues has been phantom electrical loads on the battery.   This has become a front and center issue since we are boondocking here on the farm this weekend. Suddenly folks get real concerned about their battery charge.  

No one has been stranded or left without power, since I think everyone has a generator.  But they do ask what voltage reading they should look for when they are not plugged in.   Also, how long to run the generator?

When we leave tomorrow, we're heading a Best Buy store in Ocala where Sandy wants to see an e-book reader (or something similar I think).   She feels left out when others talk about all of these items and she has no idea what it really is.  I guess we'll be getting one sooner verses later.

We sprung for a new GPS this weekend also.  She has been mumbling a little about her current GPS has not been updated and has an old map.   So I decided that a new Trucker's GPS by Garmin would be the better solution.  (After all, the RV is really the same as a medium sized truck.)  But it will take a while to get it to us, as it has to go to daughter's house first before being included in our mail bag.  Hopefully, we'll get it before Christmas.

It is close to midnight, so maybe I'll sleep the night through!


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