Monday, November 7, 2011

More sorting and little stuff

We did some sorting on Sunday and lots more today.  Sandy and Lavonne went to Iowa City for an appointment (2 of them)  for Lavonne.  Just before she was to leave, she said that she had pulled out two computer cases from under the bed.   They were too heavy for  her to lift (15 pound limit), so we moved them into the living room and then all of us left.

I ran some errands and then returned to the house.  So why not see what was in the cases.  One had a 3.5 inch USB drive plus lots of papers and some miscellaneous stuff.  The second case had a Dell Inspiron 5100 that Denny had used up until 4 years ago.  As I recall, Denny replaced it because it was "so slow".    So we plugged it in and he was right, it took for ever to boot up.

We also noticed that one of the hinges is broke (or breaking).   I ran one clean up program on it and it helped.  I think what I'll do is take it with us and later this winter, I'll run some of my other clean up programs.  Perhaps we can get it back to a more normal speed so that Lavonne can give it to a one of her relatives children.  To fix the broken hinge, I'll probably have to see if we can beef up the plastic lid in that area.

We have rounded up all of Denny's radio equipment, except for one mobile antenna.  It is a special CB antenna with a snap mount onto a base.   We have the base, and the antenna has to be around here, as it is probably 40 to 50 inches tall.  Lavonne says that they usually removed it since it hit the top of the garage door frame.  We think we've looked everywhere, but obviously not all!

The Old Farmer's Advice:  Don't judge people by their relatives!


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