Saturday, November 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home, It is great to be back in the RV!

It was early afternoon today when we arrived back at our stored RV.  What a great feeling to be safely  off the road and into familiar surroundings.  Tonight, my very own bed again.  I almost get tired just dreaming of sleeping in my own bed.   (I can't complain really about our motel stays, or when we stayed with Lavonne.  There never was a noise problem any night.)

I failed to mention much last night about our dinner location.  It was a Western Sizzler, similar to a Ryan's, a dinner buffet place.  For starters, the price just about blew me over for the buffet only  ($28.00 for two).  I'm not sure if the price was up because it was Friday and they had an assortment of fish on the menu, including lobster.  The problem was that I wasn't in the mood for fish, or was I interested in crushing the shells for a meal.

So tonight, it was again a buffet, here at the local volunteer Firehouse.  It was hosted by the local fireman's axillary, and I like it.  I cleaned my plate, and yes, I feel stuffed.  I loved the piece of pecan pie that I had afterwards.  It was good, no matter what you say about it.

Our original travel plans were to return to the motorhome and immediately hit the road again tomorrow.  However, we have decided that our schedule will allow us a day of rest, so we're going to really rest here.  We have 8 or 9 days to make it to northeastern Florida, so we should be able to handle that challenge.

We have unpacked and everything is stored away in the motorhome.  But one item missing is my listing of the Old Farmer's Advice.  And now in my looking for it, I deleted the active page of the blog. Thankfully, Google had saved a copy for me to recover.  It sure is nice when others look out for you.  I'll get a copy of the  advice via Google.  Success!

The old Farmer's Advice:  Don't interfere with somethin' that ain't botherin' you none!


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