Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On the move, currently at Seminole, TX

We put in a full day at the wheel and made it to Seminole, TX where we're hole'd up in a free city park, with 30 Amp electric.  But we're paying for it  also.  I think the park is where the local kids hang out.  There is a lot of car traffic it seems.  On the other hand, it may be only one or two cars with loud pipes going round and round.  So we'll ignore them at this hour (9pm).

Some people have asked "How do we find these city parks with free camping sites?"   It is through a fellow in the Escapee's RV club, who has made it his mission to log free and low cost stopping places.  He makes the list available to members of the Escapee's RV club.

Since the listing is created from information provided by various individuals, all of which may have different rules than we do, we always stay flexible  as to where we're stopping.   I refer to it as having a backup plan in case the first option does not meet our needs.   This park was described as having 6 back-in 30 foot sites. That is a bit short for us.  (Our backup site was 40 miles on down the road.)  However, since we're the only one here, we parallel parked the rig  and there is plenty of room.  We had to call on the police department to open the lock so that we could plug in.  No real problem, other than they only provided a 7 digit phone number!   So what area code do we use?  We decided to just go visit city hall and solve it.  But city hall has temporally moved.  We finally spotted a police car parked (at the police station), so we finally got our message to the right people.

Tomorrow we hope to make it to  our friends location south of Ft. Worth/Dallas.  They are gone for the evening, but we'll  make do.   We obviously will visit with them a while late into the evening, but hopefully we can get enough sleep to get a decent start on Thursday for Iowa.  Since the interstate goes right through downtown Ft. Worth, we plan to be a little late.  Hopefully, rush hour will be past when we get into Ft. Worth.  (They are about a hour south of Ft. Worth.)  The motorhome stays and we'll only drive the car north to Iowa.  We'll try living out of a suitcase again.

It is now 9:35 and things have really quieted down outside.  Perhaps it won't be too bad here tonight.

The Old Farmer's Advice:  You cannot unsay a cruel word.


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