Saturday, November 19, 2011

We're in Florida, almost to our first stop.

Today we made the big trek from Alabama into the heart of Florida (Live Oak, FL).   Another hundred miles and we'll reach our first destination, Fort McCoy.  All has been going well other than fuel prices are around $4 a gallon for diesel and we've been pushing a gusty head wind all day.   I guess that makes up for the tail winds we've had sometimes.

I was almost in the sack when I realized that we hadn't published our blog.   Sandy commented that we have been so busy this evening (I took a nap after 8 pm.)   So we'll kick out a quick report and leave it go at that.

We're parked in our friendly Walmart here at Live Oak, FL, along with 4 other rigs.  It was a bit noisy early in the evening, but it has quieted down now.  I think we can handle it.   Before dinner, Sandy did her grocery shopping for the next week plus we fueled up the coach.  I think Walmart came out ahead on the deal.  But it is convenient any way you cut it.

The old Farmer's Advice:  Good judgement comes from experience; and a lot of that comes from bad judgement!


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  1. Fuel is $4 in Iowa too, so stay where you are.