Saturday, January 29, 2011

Now we move; then we don't

 I'm frustrated.  I was writing this online and presto, it erased what I was doing and gave me a  new blank screen.  I blame it on secret key strokes built into Windows 7 and this machine.

On Thursday, we moved from Hickory Hammock to this place, S-65C.  Actually it just a part of the Florida Water Management Area on the Kissimmee river.   This particular place just happens to have a lock and dam on the canal/river.  If you've ever wondered where your federal dollars have gone, just look at this place.   First they dig ditches to make a canal and drain the lake.  Then they seem to be undoing what they have been doing.  Their goal is to "restore" all of the wet lands that existed 50 years ago.

Friday we went touring north of here to Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park.  It is a very safe place, just don't pick up any strange objects, as it is an old WWII bombing range.   People have been killed when they pick up a strange object and it blows up. (It was a bomb fuse.)   With thousands of acres of space, the campground is too typical of most, squeezed in.  It did have a heated bath house, with a shower and a single washer and dryer,  at about half the rate of the commercial units.  The camp sites also have water and  50 amp electrical service, all at a very decent price.  Interestingly, it was nearly full.

Late yesterday afternoon, we realized that while our stool still worked in the bathroom, the connecting pipe to the black water tank appeared to be plugged.   So we decided that Saturday would be a good day to move to where we could flush and refill the rig.  However, apparently  during the night, the plug magically disappeared into the holding tank.  I doubt if that will happen very often.   So now the plan is to move on Monday.  Where to?  We don't know.  I could say that my navigator hasn't told me yet!


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