Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, 2011


Let's keep this one short and sweet.  Yesterday was a pretty laid back day for us.  I think we went to the visitor's center to make a couple of phone calls that didn't happen.  (one was a closed office hours and the other was ?  I don't remember why.

Today we'll watch what ever is on FOX or NBC.  Those are the only two stations we can get out here in the wilds    Who said that "digital TV" would have the same range?    Don't believe it.

We did spend some time locating some sites to see (or stay at)  in Florida.   Not your high traveled sites, but "boondocking" or "Primitive camping" sites.    They are out there, just hidden away for the locals.  We met a local couple last night that is going to show me a book about the sites in Florida.  The sites are in areas managed by the "Florida Water Management Districts"  (five areas in the state.)

The good new is that Sandy finished her / our Annual letter.  (It is after Christmas, so it  looses that title.)  It should hit the lines today.

Again, Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!!


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