Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Since I took some static about the previous blog and had to even edit it, I'll try to do better this time around. It is really about the hazards of trying to write online.  I do much better if we write it, let it lay a while and then return to finish it.

Sunday was kind of a lost day for us.   Saturday night was a bummer for Sandy.  I think that she really enjoyed the smooth nice streets in this park that she over did it for herself with a long walk.   By Saturday night, she had a bad (really bad) case of pleurisy.  It was so bad that she didn't even want to sleep on her back. Eventually we set her up in the drivers chair which is also a recliner and rotates to be a part of the living room.   With enough blankets to keep her warm and a heating pad to give a little extra on her back or chest, she finally dozed off.

During the night she did move from the chair to the sofa, deciding that she couldn't sleep in the chair.   So her condition wasn't really extreme, as she could move herself around.   By Sunday morning, life wasn't much better.   She was not willing to visit the hospital, so it was a long day in the coach.   By 6 PM, she was well enough to go with me to the club house for their weekly ice cream social.

At the social, we met two couples who were both very new to the park.   Management is trying, but it appears that there is a high turn over in the park.   After the social, we returned to the motorhome and I became very serious about switching our internet providers from Verizon to Millenicom.   Supposedly for the same dollars, we're getting the same or better service and we are allowed to use 20 gigabytes of data a month.    We thought usage was going to become a problem last month when we nearly topped our 5 gigabyte limit.  This month is fine and we think that my old computer had a virus or trojan that was passing bits somewhere.  We have not been using it since 2011 kicked in.

Since January 1st, I have been using a Windows 7 machine that Sandy needed so that she understood the differences for her classes.    Needless to say, my frustration with Microsoft is much worse.    Things that worked fine in XP, Microsoft had the stupidity to change.  Example:  The wi-fi icon, in XP it gives you an indication when traffic is being passed.   In Win 7, it tells you the signal strength.   All I can say is 'Come on Linux, we need you badly."

Sandy is feeling better today.  She did sleep in her bed last night and when I arose, she was methodically sawing logs until nearly 7 AM.   Presently, she is sitting on the sofa, surfing, so life must be better.   Today we make a quick trip to Clewiston for some milk and prescriptions from Walmart.

Incidently, for anyone that is considering traveling, getting our prescriptions via Walmart has been a real blessing.   They have a central registry so that we can get refills as needed, no matter where we're at.    When we started this fulltime life style 16 years ago, we had to be careful to make sure we had a sufficient quantity of pills for our expected travel schedule.   Or sometimes we had to have them mailed to us, which is a hassle when you are never in any one place for long.

So we're going to be here in Moore Haven for a day or two.   Of course, I'm hoping that the new data card from Millenicom arrives soon, while Sandy would hope that it is very late (so that we can enjoy the benefits of good park roads and unlimited electrical service.)


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