Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moving Day to Dupuis Water Management District

We  packed up the rig and then headed to the "outhouse" post office in Ochopee for our mail from Beth.  It arrived.   On the return, we stopped at another campground that charges a fee and has no services.  It has about 30 spaces and had 3 campers.  Not a good use of facilities.   Where we're at at Midway, there are about 30 sites and we had about 10 empty spaces.  

Back at the motorhome, we finished packing and headed out.  On the way, we emptied the tanks and refilled the fresh water tank which took an age with the small hose they provide.   After 15 minutes, we had it full.   The trip was broken into two parts.  Part one was to a SuperWalmart in north Miami, where we had lunch and restocked a nearly empty pantry.  Part two was the rest of the trip, which was mostly in a moderate rain.

Once we arrived at Port Mayaca, we unhitched the toad and drove it out to the Water Management District since we had no idea what we were getting into.   We finally stopped and asked a lady who informed us that it was another half mile.  We stopped in at the visitor's center and picked up better instructions on camping and then checked it out.  

Tonight we're parked/camping next to the horse barn.  No problem, it is mostly grass.  There is a host here, but he was not around, so we just made ourselves at home.   When you arrive in a light rain, all you want to do it get parked.  Tomorrow we'll check the facilities over better and perhaps move to the family campground.   I'm not sure why, since we're the only ones here now.   This place has 21,000 acres and we're the only ones here. 

After we were set up, I told Sandy that camping here is just like roughing it on the farm.   We have lots of space, and we should have plenty of space to keep the solar panels happy.  (No electric or water here, so our maximum stay is about 10 to 12 days.)  

It is going to be pleasant sleeping tonight!


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