Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time Marches On, Jan 5, 2011

Time Marches on and we wonder where our time went.  Yesterday I was up at 4 AM, surfed for a hour and then returned to the sack at 5:30 AM until about 7 AM.    I didn't sleep or doze the rest of the day.  So this morning, I finally rose at 4:45 AM and here I am.

Today, my early morning sleep was disturbed when I heard something strange outside the rig.   It sounded like a motor running or a gas flame burning or something.   I finally investigated and found that it was the electric water heater element probably boiling some water for us.  At least when I turned the electric water heater off, the sound just nicely quieted down.   Of course, that makes for nice sleeping, as I lay there awake wondering "now what has broken?"  After all, an electric water heater is not supposed to boil the water in the tank.  When it does, high pressure builds up and water comes out the pressure relief valve.  It is probably the small button thermostat which is stuck closed, thus keeping AC power on the heating element.

I heard the sound about a week ago and thought it was the refrigerator burner being on.  Only later did I remember that the refrigerator is cooling via electric, so no gas flame.   Now I have a good idea what is going on.   So something else to put on the "To Be Fixed." list.   RVs are nothing but a money sink!

Today we get our mail from the smallest post office in the country (so they claim).   Actually it is pretty small and back on the farm in Iowa, we'd refer to it as "An outhouse or maybe a two holer".   At least that is the size.   A wonderful example of why we need to pay more to get our first class letters.  Of course if it wasn't there, we'd have to drive another 10 miles into Everglades City to get our mail.  (It is a 15 mile drive to the post office as it is.)

Assuming the mail comes in today, tomorrow we pull stakes and move out.  We think we know where we're going, but there is no guarantee we'll get there.   The current plan is to head north to a Florida Water Management District area where they have camping and equestrian camping.  I think we can choose either one.  It is camping the old fashioned way, no services (water, electric or restrooms).   We're totally dependent upon what we bring with us.  With our rig capacities,  we are good for about 2 weeks of roughing it before we  need to find some connections.  (I was going to say "Hookups", but that word seems to have taken on a unique meaning amongst the younger crowd.    About the only restriction is "NO DOGS" allowed.   I think I can handle that.

Enough on writing this.  I have other challenges, like finding a "Get Mail" button on my Thunderbird mail program.  I did something and it ran off.  Now I have no idea how to get it back.   For those of you with Windows 7, this automatic screen sizer is about to drive me nuts.  I works nicely under command, but it also has a mind of its own.    Why couldn't Microsoft have left well enough alone?


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