Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A cold wave just moved in Again

Okay, so I'm just a bit of a complainer because it is getting cooler out (perhaps even cold).  The effects of the snow and ice up north has finally moved into our neck of the woods here in southern Florida.   We could be further south, but they are assuring us that it will only be for one day!

But we have bigger problems.  When we moved here a week ago, I checked the propane gas level and said, "plenty for now".   Well, it wasn't plenty.  Tonight I decided to check it and was shocked to realize that the little needle was resting on the "E" meaning it is nearly empty.   The refrigerator is still working and Sandy was able to fix dinner tonight, so there are a few vapors left.  But like it or not, tomorrow, we pack up and move so that we can gas up the propane tank.  I think that is called "poor planning".  Next time, I'll try to not cut it so close.

We've been here almost a week without any other snowbirds here also.  Yes, lots of horse riders, but no just plain RV users.   Well, that changed yesterday when 4 rigs pulled in, all of them are Canadians from the north.   From the brief visit we had last night, they have been boondocking (dry camping) in Florida for a number of winters.   We hope to learn a few of their secret locations, if I'm lucky enough before we pull out tomorrow morning.

Yesterday we drove south along the shore of Lake Okeechobee to the next town.  I had heard that they had a nice city park for camping.  Yes, they do have a nice park and it is leased to KOA, which runs it like a typical KOA park  (Not Cheap.)   We also asked a local why the large dike around the lake?   He informed us that back in 1928, there was a devastating hurricane that passed over the area and the winds actually pushed the water out of the lake and onto the shore, drowning thousands of people.   The dike is larger than any dike we've seen in years.  So as we have seen in a few other places, you can have "water front" property, but never see the water.

If you are in the snow belt again this time, just take it easy.  Most of us are not used to pushing that white stuff around.  If you're like me, I don't intend to get near the stuff either!


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