Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year day plus 3

Here it is,  the evening of the 3rd of Jan.  and I'm not sure we've done anything really of note  (That is, something that is exciting to write about.)

We did drive over to the visitor's center and to a walkway this morning.   The one mile walk-way is an elevated trail into a swamp.  Sandy and I walked it 4 years ago and it had lots of birds and even an alligator (I think.)  Today the entire walk was almost like walking into a life-less morgue.

The call to the Dupuis Water District was very productive.   The online documentation seemed to indicate that we needed to submit something before we show up.  That is not the case.     If we want to spend more than 5 days there, we need to register (on site) so that they can tell us that our limit is 30 days a year.  We can live with that.

The campground really cleared out last night and today.  We probably have 10 vacancies out of 30 sites. I like that!

Late this afternoon, we were pleasantly surprised when a couple that was here a week ago and left for the Everglades returned and parked next to us.  We can probably use the diversion for a while.

I have spent a lot of online time looking at Florida Water Management District camping sites.    There are 5 districts, each with lots of free camping.  Many of the sites are remote, primitive, and accessible only via walking in.  They also have a number of Equestrian campgrounds, suitable for RVs.  The one downer for us is the need for a free permit which seems to indicate that it would take 10 to 12 days.  (We don't plan ahead that far.)  The call today to the Dupuis Water District  made life a whole lot easier for us.

For those of you that have missed the weather reports, our lows have been about 64 and the highs about 78. It feels pretty nice.


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  1. It has been cold in Texas (DFW area) lately! Hope WE warm up soon!!