Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year Day plus 1

I think all of us survived New Year's Evening with no problems.  At least here in the campground, it was pretty quiet after 6 PM.

Some of you remember that I have been less than happy with Windows 7.   Well, I should make a couple of positive comments about Wiindows 7.   Friday I finally decided to bite the bullet and program in the network printer.  As I recall from doing it before, it is a pain and you have to get everything just right.   Well, Windows 7 almost scares you by how easy it was.

As I recall, it was select Add Printer, on a Network, select which one (only one) and say Install.  It can't hardly get any simpler than that.  It is improvements like that that make sense.

On the other hand, Windows 7 lost a notch also.  In XP, when the wifi is passing data, the icon blinks.   Well, major improvement in Windows 7.   The icon just sits there, and doesn't do anything.   That is a bummer.

The jury is still out on the simple screen enlargement/reduction function.   I can handle the Plus and the minus okay.  But too often the display seems to want to change it without my command.  I'm moving the mouse somewhere and presto, I have a new screen size.   It bugs me!

Yesterday the personality of our campground suddenly changed.  I thought for a moment we were in the middle of some bowl game, as we had all kinds of hooting and hollering going on in the grass area between the road the the lake.   There was a very active socker game going on.    It was from about 15 to 20 hispanics that had moved into the tent area yesterday morning.   The players represent only the men, so you know how many folks that there were.   It looked like an old style family picnic in my book.  I told Sandy that it was reminiscent of when I was a young boy about 60 years ago.   I remember our family reunions usually had a game or two.

So far, so good.  2011 is going to be another Great Year.


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