Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Air Card Arrived, Moving day Tomorrow

Last Sunday was big day for me, as I subscribed to a new Internet Service Provider, Millenicom.   The new card arrived this afternoon late and by 5 PM, I was in fat city.  It's performance exceeded my wildest expectations.  So that made our day.

Sandy has been moving about a little better today and last night she even slept like a normal person in her half of the bed.   (She had been trying to sleep in the chair in the living room.)  So there is good progress, no matter how you look at it.  We will be happy to have our normal life back.

We did laundry this morning and while there weren't that many people in the laundramat, Sandy's comment was "listen to all of the coughing".   With the life style we have been leading this winter, we're rarely around many people.   There are a number of people around when we're in church and a moderate number when shopping at Walmart.  (Two weeks ago after church (12 pm), the crowd in Walmart was un-acceptable.)

It has been an interesting stay in this park. It seems like most of the people we have met are relativity new, perhaps being here a couple of months or so.  Strangely, the park went bankrupt last year and there is a new owner this year.   The other thing we noticed is that the park is heavily populated with Frenchmen from Quebec.   So while the signs are bi-lingual in parts of the club house, they are in English and French, not English and Spanish.

Tomorrow we are moving to a small county park on the north edge of Lake Okeechobee.  Considering what the weather has been like around here, we need to hurry heading north before we  need air conditioning.  (I know a few readers will take issue with that idea!)  We do give up a luxury (the electric power connection), but the rental rate drops to zero, which I like.   We may  have second thoughts about that on Sunday morning when the temperature is supposedly going down to 47 degrees here,  but only for one morning.   But I think we can handle that for one day.

Sandy was feeling much better this afternoon.  She took advantage of the electrical  connection and baked some brownies.  They do taste good! The problem is I'm restricted to one brownie in the morning and one in the afternoon. Thankfully,  they are hidden away in the freezer, so mostly, "out of site, out of mind."

It has been interesting learning about the park.


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