Sunday, January 23, 2011

IT Was Cold Last Night !!!!!

Well, we survived last night when it was down to 35 or so with a moderate breeze from the north. We thought we were prepared, but something was different, as I froze my buns! It sure was refreshing to get up for church (real early) and turn on the Blue Flame heater.

Yesterday, we went exploring, looking for future (tomorrow) parking sites. We spent all afternoon, putting on about a hundred miles and learning some things. For starters, there are a range of boondocking sites here in Florida. The first site was a “has been” canal lock. After spending millions of dollars years ago to straighten and deepen the Kissemmee River, they are now taking out all of the improvements. It may have drained the land, but it was an environmental disaster according to the “powers that be” now in Washington. So out it comes.

What failed to really impress us was the boondocking arrangements at the site now. In summary, the host site would compare nicely with just about any bad location at the Slabs in California. Otherwise, the location was roomy and had both shaded and open areas. Solar systems will work very well.

We found the location for the second site we wanted to check out next. However, we couldn't check out the site because it has a locked gate at the road and we didn't have the key. When we register to park there, they will give us the key numbers. However all was not lost. With the information on where the gate is at, I was able to go to Google Earth and locate the entry and follow the lane to the campground. The Campground is an old farmstead, with the barns currently being used by equestrian campers for their horses. All of the other buildings have been removed.

We have to depart this campground tomorrow because of “house rules”. The campground is an old C.O.E. Campground that was abandoned, then given to the Florida Water Management District which in turn gave it to the county road department. Then to eliminate anyone from “homesteading”, they insist that everyone clears the grounds on Monday afternoon so that they can mow the grass on Tuesday and not worry about damaging anyone's RV. It may be a lame excuse, but the price is also right, “Free”.

This site is a very basic boondocking camping site. It has tables for half of the sites, crude stone fire rings for all sites, garbage containers, no water, and no dump facilities. But again, I'm not complaining, it is free.

After this is posted,, I'll make my reservation for Hickory Hammock, which supposedly has the same facilities.


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  1. Let's see, you drove 100 miles checking out somewhere free to camp. At 20 mpg and $3.00 per gallon that's $15 you spent in gas. That might buy you a Passport America campground with full hookups for a night and make your wife very happy (which is priceless).