Saturday, January 8, 2011

Learning the Neighborhood

We're been here at Dupuis for 2 days and slowly we're learning the neighborhood.  Today we went for an all morning drive to nearby Water Management District properties to look over their primitive camping options.   I must say, we've struck it rich right here at Dupuis.    In fact, Sandy has commented more then once about the "look of Contentment" that comes over me when I look around here.   I guess there is a little bit of farm boy still in me.

This is Saturday and the host warned us that we'd see a few other campers coming in.  All total today, there probably hasn't been more than a dozen, mostly women.    Is horseback riding a women's sport?

About 5 days ago while at the Midway campground I decided to eradicate some "Strangler trees" growing on some of the palm trees in the campground.   Well, one of the seedlings had a nest of ants in it and about 6 of the little critters got into my glove and bit me  (and it hurt.)   I quickly got rid of them, but the next day, each ant bite was a small pimple with a pus head.   They hurt very much and itched like crazy.   Today the pain and itching is finally gone.  I don't know what type of ant it was, but I don't want to cross paths with those critters again.

Tonight I decided to get some accurate information on the church we plan to attend in Okeechobee tomorrow morning.  The frustration I went through to finally get what I wanted.  The web site is under construction, but every search engine around wants you to believe that they  have the real skinny.    I finally went to the district web site, then to the church sorting and finally, we had the details.  Exasperating.

Our solar system seems to be keeping the battery charged, thank's to our very efficient usage also.  If we had more power available, we'd surf more during the day which means we'd run up a bigger data bit count which would mean that we'd probably hit the limit on our Verizon Air Card account.  Last month, we used 4.9 gigabytes out of the 5.0 gigabyte limit.  I'm not sure what is going on, as our use was around only 3 gigabytes per month.   I think the web pages are including more video which runs up the bill  even if you don't watch it.  

Have a nice day.


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