Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Being Nurse-maid to my wife

Here we are on Wednesday and Sandy is marginally better than Saturday.  (Probably much better then Sunday.)   The bottom line is that she must be sick as even the computer is being ignored.

Monday we made a quick trip to Walmart for groceries and some other non-essential prescriptions that had been ordered on Saturday.   But since then, life has been pretty much a stand still here in the motorhome.  But we have plans.  This morning we extended our stay for 2 more days (waiting on our new Millenicom data card plus a longer time for Sandy to recover.)   From here, we're planning to stop at Indian Prairie Campground, which is a county park with no facilities but it is free.   We leave I.P. on Monday and head to a Water Management District park NW of Okeechobee about 25 miles for 5 days.  Then it is an open book what direction we go.

This morning I attended the park management meeting, which is where everyone learns what is happening.  It was the usual reminders to pick up after your pet; don't speed;  attend the activities etc   The meeting was well attended and the park appears to be a friendly park.  At least I was very comfortable!


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