Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday night, Jan 15

(My chief critic said I've mixed to much up here. )

As reported yesterday, we pulled stakes and moved our home about 10 miles to the west side of Moore Haven, Florida.  It is more expensive by a buck, but the street is safe to walk on.   All of the streets in the park are asphalt and they have been renewed in the last year.

(This is about the park we left.)

When we checked into the park last Friday, she told us what the price was and said that the owner would collect later.   The owner finally showed up at our door step at 7:30 AM this morning.   I was hoping that she'd ask where we were heading, but she didn't and I felt that I ought not be nasty and tell her all of my complaints, like no water connection and really bad roads.  Perhaps I was in a really great mood since I knew we were  going to "blow this joint" shortly!   I also had a little pity when she mentioned that they had just purchased the park 3 months ago.     They have lots of work ahead for themselves.

(This paragraph is about the current park.)

We've only been in  this park for about 8 hours, but already Sandy has observed that there are lots of residents that are walking or riding bicycles.  It no doubt helps to encourage the members to do these exercises since the park is level as a pancake.  We have also visited the club house a couple of times to use the free wi-fi there.  We've been on faster networks (and lots slower), so we're not complaining.


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