Friday, January 21, 2011

Indian Prairie Campground and loving it already

Today we moved about 50 miles from the commercial park about 400  yards from the highway to this county park on the canal.  Plus this park is about a quarter of a mile or more from the highway.  In other words, there is no road noise here!   What a Joy.

Sandy still had trouble sleeping last night and was up at 5 AM.  The reason I know is that I was up at 4 AM and did some surfing until 5 AM.  Her problem is finding a comfortable position to sleep in.  For me, just keep me well covered so that I may sweat and I'll get some shut eye.

We both remember parts and pieces of this park when we drove in for a look/see back in  November of 2002.  It had all of the tables I think.  Currently, only  about half of the sites have a table.  I suspect that in the years when the park was for the most part abandoned, local thieves helped themselves to a free table, with a little bit of work.  The tables are well made supported by a single steel post  and covered with a dipped coating that really protects them.   Such is life when it isn't tied down and guarded.

There are 20 sites here and we have about 10 rigs on the grounds.  Everyone is friendly and it is really  a big happy family.  I think most of the folks have met at previous campgrounds and we intend to learn where those places are at.   I suspect that on Sunday, most of the socializing will cease when the storm front blows in.  But we'll roll with the punch!


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  1. For your new followers.....what about a brief background post on why you are full time RV's?
    You guys are living a fantastic life! Since I am new to did you decide on THIS life style?