Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Relaxing at Dupuis Water Management area

I think it was Monday when we moved here to Dupuis WMA.   How time flys when you're enjoying life.  (That was yesterday).  So today, we journeyed over to Indiantown and did our laundry.  Those little issues just have to be done to keep the family happy.    We don't have a built in washer/dryer and even if we did, we'd run out of water if we tried to do it.   So we periodically make the journey to a commerical laundry.  This one in Indiantown is clean and only one or two other people  show  up to use it.

We have run into 6  other rigs that we've met previously boondocking here in Florida.  The real surprising thing is that these folks are real professionals at using these free locations.   What I have observed is  that they are very slow at mentioning where they have been.  It is like they don't want to give away their secret locations.  That is okay, we have a few days to discuss it again later.

There was a major weather change yesterday and I sure do love the result.  The low was about 60 degrees last night and we can handle that.  (We feel for our friends in the east and midwest getting the latest blast of winter weather.  Just keep the faith, it too shall pass!


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  1. I thought about you guys today! We are iced in in the DFW area.....but since we are 'retired'...we are enjoying our fireplace and books and a glass of wine this evening!
    Something to be said about being in a warmer climate, though!