Friday, December 31, 2010

One of "Those Days"

Yesterday was one of those days when, well I'm not sure what to think about it. All seemed to go well, but then there were these kinks in the road. Thursday was a big day out. We headed to Miami to do a number of things (buy solar panel, do the laundry, mail some letters, get a hair cut each and finally buy the weeks supply of groceries.)

As we left at 9 AM, all seemed to go well. Once we were in cell range, we called the solar place to make sure that the warehouse was open so that we could pick up a couple of panels. No problem. Finding the warehouse was not difficult, thanks to karen Gamin, who gave good directions. At the warehouse, we parked and went inside. The manager was at his desk and gave us a friendly welcome.

But when I said we were here to hopefully pick up a couple of solar panels, he informed me that they were really closed ALL WEEK for inventory. We argued a minute and then I said let me decide on what I want and then I will call the owner in the office. I found what I wanted and he called the owner on the speaker phone. Oh, there was that long silence and a few mutterings when the voice on the other end realized that it was no sales this week. PERIOD. End of conversation. He did finally did agree to pay for the shipping next week where ever I'll be here in Florida. Will it really happen? I doubt it. He has no money etc. So with that, we left instructions where we planned to be and that they could send it to the nearest UPS facility.

Back on the road, we headed for an Office Max to pick up a Day Runner, which is what we keep our daily journal in. But we missed a turn. The Office Max was a mile south of the road we were take, so we decided to just continue south and then west. Poor Ms. Gamin never lost her cool between “Recalculating” and telling me to turn right and then right again. In the process, we passed through some nice areas of old Miami. Some elegant, well kept nice homes. Finally, it was Office Max and Ms. Gamin was happy. Office Max even had one last copy of the Day Runner we wanted. Excellent!

It was then off to the laundry and barber on the highway we came in on. We found them with no problem thanks to Ms. Gamin. It was in a strip mall and just about every space was occupied with a car. We found a space and hauled our clothes into the laundromat, almost to be overwhelm by people. The place seemed to be teaming with people (all speaking a foreign language).  But we found two washers and shortly had them purring away washing our clothes.

I then went to a nearby barber, also to be met by a crowd of people. There were 5 barbers and about 10 people waiting. Someone else came in and signed a paper with lots of names, so I added my name to the list. Of course, I love to study people and watching the end barber cut the hair for about an 8 year old boy was a study in itself. Eventually he finished and the boy's dad was next.

Then a woman barber finished her customer and indicated to me that I was next. I think “Next” was the only English word she knew. But she did know how to cut hair and I had no complaints Back at the laundromat, I arrived in time to help Sandy hang or fold clothes.

It was then time for groceries. We found a Publix store and Sandy went in while I read some in the car. Finally I went in to push the cart. When we got to the meat counter, Sandy wanted to buy some salmon which they didn't have. But they had a nice package of frozen Grouper with no price visible on the case. I told her to take it, as a change would be fine. (I think I've had Grouper once when eating out and remember it as being a good fish.) Finally, we finished.

It seemed like a long ride back to the motorhome, about 50 miles with almost solid traffic coming at us. (Later we heard that there was a major accident on I-75 and part of it had been closed. Perhaps that was the reason.)

Back at the motorhome, all went well as we settled in for a comfortable evening. It was about 9 PM when Sandy let out a major exclamation. She was looking at the details of the grocery bill and noticed what the price was on the package of Grouper. Ouch. I think she wanted to return it but couldn't. But the thought of paying $20 for a package of fish with only 3 servings just didn't sit well with her. I think she was still muttering about it when we went to bed!

­All in all, it really wasn't too bad of a day. As a friend in the Air Force used to say, “You win some, you lose some and some get Rained out!” 

 Today with the sun shining and already 70 degrees out, I think it is going to be a good day.

We don't have problems, we have opportunities!



  1. That's probably why in a restaurant the menu always says Market Price for grouper.


  2. Grouper is scarce, ergo - not cheap, but delicious. Always great to read your postings. Have an excellent 2011; enjoy a quiet New Year's Eve (where you're parked it should be). We're going dancing here at our RV park until the wee hours.