Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pow-Wow Departure Day

Our tentative plans are to cut and run today.  Our destination is the SKP park at Bushnell where we'll  have better cell service and some electricity.   We'll wait there until Dusty's Camping World calls to say that they have our cooling unit.  We'll then head south, spend a day or two at Dusty's, then head on south to Paradise Park where we have friends.   But we're only there for a day or two before we again cut and run for Burns Lake and the Boondockers Rendezvous, which is near the Everglades.

Attending the Pow-Wow has been interesting and educational.  At the arena last night, some   of the dancers really worked themselves into a frenzy.  Others were very sedate as they danced around the circle.   There were also many more people last night, both watching and in the arena.   Dancers and guests have come from far and wide.

It really is a very orderly group, no recorded music, no drinking (which is banned) and no kids running a muck of everyone else.   During  the day, one sees numerous dogs on a  tight leash, but last night,the only dog I recall seeing was sleeping at the foot of his owner.

So what did we learn?  Several things:
Only the men and boys wear feathers in their regalia (it is not a costume).
Women and girls can wear a feather (or two) in their hair only.  The dress is a plain robe.
Young maidens can wear bright robes and fancifully trimmed decorations.
The rotation in the arena (dance circle) goes clockwise with individual exceptions.
Vendors are called traders, which sell for cash or lay things besides their tent on a blanket to  trade.
The chanting during the drum beat is in fact words being sung to the beat.

This Pow-wow is un-usual because everything except the food is free.  There is no entry fee, no parking fee or entertainment fee.   It is supported by donations.   At the end of the year, they have a surplus so that they can contribute much to a local veterans home which receives no federal money.

It has been a wonderful experience with our SKP friends.


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