Friday, November 5, 2010

Leaving the Williamsburg Area

Today was bright and cheery, so it was laundry time and time to roll.   We didn't hurry and  it was almost 11 AM when we finally left the park.   Then it was time to go to a gas station to get some  LP.  Boy did we get took on that one.  He charged us over $6 a gallon verses something over $3 a gallon in Iowa.    This is a tourist area and they know that you have few options.

It was a hundred mile day today.  We have ended up at a little town called  Elizabeth City, NC.  We're not actually in the town, as we're far out west of it in a SuperWalmart   Another one of those cases where the city fathers didn't let Walmart into the community, so Walmart built outside and guess what, it is a busy place.

We took a timely break today at a rest stop next to the Great Dismal National Swamp and the Dismal Canal.   While there we met a couple that was from Canada, sailing south via the inter-coastal waterway  which uses the Dismal canal.    We didn't tour their boat, but space wise, it certainly looked like it would be tighter living on a boat than in our RV..

Tomorrow is off to see Kitty Hawk and the sands that the Wright Brother's played in.  It is the area called the "Outer Banks of North Carolina".      There is lots of history in this area, such as the first settlers in the New World -they didn't make it.   We also need to reset our clocks Saturday night.


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  1. I am enjoying following your travels via the blog world!