Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wilson, NC to see cousin Clark

We were slow getting up this morning and then had some confusion on which way the clock needed to be reset.  We finally worked out the details and had a very late breakfast.   During the very early morning, Gene suffered a leg cramp in his left calf.  It really disturbed his sleep.  Then closer to morning, Sandy complained that she had cold feet.  So Gene got a robe and his parka coat and added it to the stack of blankets on her feet.  Eventually, she fell asleep, indicating she was comfortable.

Gene was up before the crack of dawn (he needs very little sleep). So he surfed some and caught up on some journal notes.  We finally left Williamston a little before 10:30, and headed for Wilson, NC, the home town of Gene's cousin Clark.   We made good time and arrived at Wilson right at noon and a few minutes later, we were at the campground.   It is nothing fancy, but functional and it has electric.

Electric is important, as we are getting softer and softer.   We want electric to run the heaters to keep the interior of the rig at a modest comfortable temperature.  I guess last night I decided we've had  enough of this cold weather for a while.

There are pleanty of campgrounds around.  The problem  is finding one that meets our needs. We bought a membership into the Passport America  operation and we intend to get our money's worth.   A basic PPA park charges members half of the going commerical rate.  Since this park was advertising it at $25 a night for water and electric, we get it for $12.50 a night.  Usually there is a limit on how many nights you can stay at a park (here it is limited to one week.)

I almost forgot to mention that yesterday we toured the Wright Brother's Historical Site at Kitty Hawk, NC.  We found it very interesting and educational.    I didn't realize that they had to  develop some of the equations used to design their gliders and then the Kitty Hawk Flyer.  They certainly were two very talented men.

We also were going to tour the historical site where Sir Walter Raleigh tried to start a colony  (it failed) on Roanoke Island.   The historical site has a large area,  but between being shut down for the season and being rebuilt, it was a bummer for us.   We left after about 45 minutes.

It has warmed up considerably this afternoon and by next weekend, the highs are to be near 75 degrees and the lows only down to 50 degrees.  We'll take that.


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  1. My brother lived in Wilson. It is a nice little town. Be sure you try some of their barbeque. It is vinegar based instead of tomato base. I like it with boiled potatoes.