Friday, December 3, 2010

A Week Killing Time

We departed Fort McCoy last Sunday, intending to spend a couple of days here at the Escapee Park near Bushnell, FL before getting our Norcold refrigerator recall taken care of and heading south to our park near Punta Gorda.     But as plans would have it, it was a no go.  The replacement part for our refrigerator did not come in, so we elected to wait.  It is due in on Friday and we'll head south on Sunday for a Monday installation.

With a week to unwind, we did some shopping in the Bushnell area.  On Monday, we visited a big flea market in a neighboring small town.   The place was swarming with people everywhere.  We did  find that they had lots of fruits and vegetables available.  We also went looking for a cast iron kettle that we don't need (and did not find one).

Our other item on our list was some hose fittings for our replacement water pump so that we can replace the one in the rig.  As expected, you have to find the right small town hardware store and they had lots of them.

The next day, we were determined to replace the water pump finally.  but before I removed the old pump, I adjusted the pressure controls and it now works.   So we decided that if it works, don't change it.  We also pumped some air into the water heater to create the air bubble in the tank causing the pressure to be more even.    (The pump now works against an air pressure head instead of a solid water head.)

With those tasks done, we have been taking it easy for the last 3 days. Sandy had kept the keyboard busy on her computer and Gene has reread parts of one book he is carrying.  Tonight was dinner out in the park.   A change of pace for us and it gave us a chance to meet more of the park residents.

Right now, we're ready to head south several more miles.  It was 37 degrees in Tampa (south of here) and 47 degrees in the motorhome this morning.  I think I became used to the much warmer temperatures and love them.   Perhaps in a week!


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