Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hampton, VA, a One Night Stand

We made it yesterday at a reasonable time.   Getting into this area at 2 PM is a lot better than the 5 PM that we did 2 years ago.   Plus we used Sandy's GPS to run us directly to  the city park in Hampton, VA.

Early indications were that this was going to be a long term, restful stop , supposedly at $10 a night.  SURPRISE, they raised the rate to $30 a night last July.   We debated about leaving, but Sandy thought we ought to pay it for one night and get some rest.   It was probably the right thing to do.

One of our first things to  do  on the internet was to email  our friend (Guy Gipson of the Escapee's Day's End list)  and tell him about the rate change. Let's not have any more Escapee's heading this way to get taken by greedy city fathers.

We settled in to a spot, then we had to register and also ask for someone to come and unlock our electrical box.   They literally put a cable around the box to prevent its opening.   I guess they are worried about late arrivals and early departures.

There were 24 digital channels via the TV scan,  but we could really only bring in 3 or 4.  I'm not sure what is going on.  We do know that there is lots of military in the area, so perhaps they have something online that knocks out the new digital signals even though the TV will see it during the scan.

When we arrived, there was a number of over flights by Air Force fliers with their hot noisy fighter jets.  Sandy was concerned that it would go on all night, but I assured her that after the 5 PM closing, it would be quiet. It was.    This morning, they played Reveille at 6 AM.  (Sandy even decided that it was time to get up then.)    Langley AFB is about a mile west of here across the bay.

Today we're taking the coach and leaving this place for a park near Williamsburg, VA.  It has a Passport America rate of $20 a night for full hookups. The down side is that it is near a train tracks and has very crowded sites but supposedly is not busy now.   On the way, we'll spend lots of time at the Yorktown Battlefield Memorial Park just 30 miles west of here and on the way to Williamsburg, Va.

As we leave, I'd like to stop at the park office and give them a few thoughts of mine.   But they'll be left un-said!  Why get my blood pressure up when I don't need to?


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