Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Slowing down in an RV Park

We've been here 2 days and really enjoying it.   Sandy is buried with the computer, doing something all day long.  She may take a hike once to get some fresh air.   Gene usually vacates the premises and relaxes outside in a lawn chair to watch the world go by.

Yesterday afternoon, we did get Sandy to go with us in the car to see what kind of town Waldo is. Not much!   It is actually located at a junction in the highway, with the train tracks going through near main street.

In our drive, we noticed a sign saying that the "Right Lane Closed Saturday".  We need to determine why.  Either it is excess Florida football traffic passing through or the local flea market's big day or perhaps the local "Go Kart Track" is having a big event.   I know one thing, we're going to stick close to our rig for the day.

Currently we're playing the waiting game.   Sandy needs a prescription refill, but the current prescription has expired.  So the pharmacists was going to call in for a renewal and then call us.  Then we'll go pick it up.   While back in Starke, we'll do a few other things also.  (The list rarely gets shorter.)

The weather yesterday was so so.  One could not venture too far from cover since it periodically would rain from sprinkles to a momentary deluge.

They need the rain here in north Florida.  There is a grass fire near the east coast that closed Interstate 95 for an hour.   That had to create a traffic jam of the first order.  We love this temperature.  Last night was the first night in a long time when we didn't have any heat on.  This morning, it was 67 degrees in our cabin.

My biggest frustration is the lousy TV reception.   We have plenty of stations, but it seems that all of them periodically loose it.  I can hardly wait for mail call in about a week when we get a new digital converter from Beth.   Finally we'll be able to point the antenna to exactly where the strongest signal is based upon a meter reading and not a picture that is either there or not there!

It is great to just stop for a few days.