Friday, November 12, 2010

Relaxing at Congaree National Park.

blog  Relaxing at Congaree N.P.

Tonight is our 4th night here at Congaree NP.  We have enjoyed it, probably could have done more but you always want to save something for the next time.   Tonight we went to an evening walk program which had 10 re-enactment stations along the board walk.  Well done.

After our strenuous walks on Tuesday (or was it Wednesday), we have tried to take it a bit easier. Today I did my mile walk to the visitor center to renew our camping pass.  No big deal other than following the trail in the woods, which is pretty well marked.  Once I almost left it, but quickly realized I might be in trouble.

Tomorrow we head south (to warmer digs). It is to be down to 36 tonight here and that is too cold.  Our mail arrived at a little town near Jacksonville, FL, but we'll schedule ourselves through it on Monday of next week.  

Next week is a down week with hookups someplace in northern Florida, followed by a week boondocking at a Pow-wow near Fort McCoy, FL.  

Next week we need to get serious about advertising a brake controller on eBay plus we need to get real serious about a recall on our refrigerator.   I think they have a fire hazard in it and the recall just adds a over temperature sensor.    So if you're not hear to hear the sensor, you kiss it goodbye anyway!

We'll keep this one short and maybe my proof reader will finally ignore me (I hope).


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