Thursday, November 18, 2010

Insulting the customer

This relaxing in a park for a week is great.   A real time to slow down and watch the world go by.

Yesterday we decided to go back to Starke to pick up Sandy's prescription.  Also to get a haircut for me,  visit the RV dealer about our Norcold recall and eventually find a store that had the fittings for the spare water pump I puchased a month ago.   On the way we noticed that Florida grapefruit were finally in season (and we bought some.)

All went well until we visited the RV store.   I've never been treated so rudely as a customer or even somebody's friend or enemy.   The store owner was an absolute jerk.   When I declined to take his one inch catalog, he blew a gasket, calling me names etc.   We finally just walked out.

In the afternoon, Sandy and I walked over to the neighboring city gokart or moto-cross park.   It has two sizes of mud tracks for the big boys, a practice moto-cross layout for the little boys and somewhere in the back apparently a full blown course.   We may luck out and not have anything here this weekend, as the big week-end event is near Gainesville (thank goodness).

Sandy didn't appear to be impressed with the activity.  I told her that it was another side of life that she hadn't been exposed to since we did not have a son.   I suggested that it was even better than a riding horse since if the weather was nasty, you didn't have to visit the barn to feed them.

We did learn that the big event for Waldo this week-end is that the local flea market on Saturday and Sunday.   I think we can handle that since we're on the other side of the highway and away from it.


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  1. Too bad about the store owner being a jerk. It takes all kinds.

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