Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yorktown and Beyond

Today we packed up and left the Hampton city park.  As I explained yesterday, their daily rate is absurd, more than a private park.  So we used our RV freedom's and left.  On the way up here, we spent the day at Yorktown Battlefield National Historical Park.

About 30 years ago, on a Christmas time vacation to the DC area, we visited Williamsburg, VA and also Yorktown.  Looking back on it, we didn't do justice to Yorktown then and perhaps not even today.   As the park ranger said, the weather often times determines who wins the battle and it certainly helped the Revolutionaries.  If nothing else, it shortened the battle time.

Tomorrow, we are off to  see more battle sites from the civil war.   It is a little town outside of Richmond that helped protect the supply lines into Richmond.   Our challenge tonight was trying to figure out where the sites are at in Petersburg.   Sandy has the GPS programmed andd I have an idea of what is there and where the the stuff is at.

We can't sign off without commenting about the election today/tonight.  I thought for a moment that I was going to be without TV, but we finally got it working.   I'm not sure if it is a TV problem or a bad cable.   But we have a channel and I'm not changing it  One interesting observation was we had similar problems last night and I expected to have better results today.   Not so.


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