Monday, November 15, 2010

We're holed up in a full-service campgound

We left our friendly Walmart at 10 AM and headed down the road, not knowing exactly where we'd end up.   We had looked at the state publication on campgrounds and found nothing that we liked.  In other words,  most exceeded my economical goals

There was one park I liked, but it was vetoed by the other half.   She didn't like the idea of a park with water on both sides, too many mesquitos might be around.   So we headed down the road, hoping to spot something.   We saw one about a mile outside of Starke, but we were going too fast and the traffic was too heavy for a panic stop.    But about 10 miles down the road in a small town, we spotted a possibility.

We wheeled in to the office and went in to meet a computer terminal.(in a very bare room).   They did have the rates posted, which exceeded my goal.   So out to leave.  However, Sandy spotted someone hurrying across the park, which we took to be the owner or manager.   So we went out to see what he had to say.

He asked why I was leaving and I straight out told him that his prices were out of line for what we were looking for, and I quoted the prices by the fishing camp I liked.   He then made a series of excuses that the posted price was for using a credit card   and he quoted a lower price.   I countered that it was still too much.   He then finally quoted a price I could live with (and paid by check.)

So we are now parked in an RV  park in a small town, also known as the "Speed trap Capital of Florida".   We have full hookups, a concrete pad to park on with a concrete patio, with the motorhome facing the northwest, so we don't take the sun head on in the front window in the PM.

Tomorrow we start attending to small  issues.  Number one on the list is a Norcold refrigerator recall.  Their alert said to turn it off and not use it!   Not a tolerable thing to do when you're a full timer.  The recall is going to add a high temperature sensor to the chimney., about a 30 minute job by some of the reports we have read.   While we're parked here, the unit will be operating on AC, verses LP.  These RV refrigerators are the pits.   I think the manufacturers have value-engineered them a bit too much.

So  tonight we relax.


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  1. Sounds like a somewhat stressful day ended well. Good for you!