Monday, November 8, 2010

It was Great to Visit a Relative

It was great to be parked in a location with an electrical connection last night.  We got our monies worth running the heater all  night.   (We could use the built in Suburban heater, but they are so in-efficient plus they wreck the battery charge in short order.  So we refuse to use it.)

We had a long visit with Clark and his wife Peggy this morning at the local Cracker Barrel restaurant next to the interstate.  It was on the opposite side of town from where we're at, but Ms Garmin got us there.   Of course the route we took varied some from her preferred selection.   But we got there.

We had a slight shocker this morning when we went out to get into the car, it was covered with FROST.  The real bummer was that we don't have a scraper in the car either, so we used our trusty comb.  That shouldn't happen  again this season I hope.  We're headed further south in the morning (plus it is supposedly warming up for a while.)

We made arrangements for our mail this afternoon.  Four weeks ago, our mail was not accepted by a post office because we hadn't registered with them our intent to get our mail there.  So we had to decide what our schedule is and then we called the post office (in Florida).   Yes, we had to fill out the an online form to tell them what our plans were.   But after an hour, I gave up and called them again.  This time, I got a different clerk and she offered to registered  me.  We quickly gave her our name.

Tomorrow we're headed down the road and I'm not sure where.   I told Sandy I was getting soft and ready to stay in campgrounds (with electricity) for a while.  But it was such a nice day and the local weather report is for  a  warming trend, so maybe we'll take in another boondocking (dry camping) opportunity at the Congree National Swamp just southeast of Columbia, SC.   We'll decide tomorrow when we're on the road.  Otherwise we've picked out a possible stopping location.


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  1. Another advantage of a campground besides electricity is that campgrounds accept mail.