Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Pow-Wow days

It is the day after Thanksgiving and all is quiet early in the morning, save for the persistent rooster that continues to announce his presence in the neighborhood.   I would not expect much activity from the attendees considering that they had a big day yesterday.

Sandy and I both agreed that it was a different Thanksgiving yesterday us.   For one thing, there was no hurrying about in the kitchen to get something baked for the table or to take to somewhere.   Just a very quiet way of people moving about.

I'm not sure about other pow-wows, but this one very much honors our service personnel, past and present.   I even told Sandy that it surprised me the amount of respect shown for our nation after what we have done to the native Americans (not called Indians here).   It probably shouldn't surprise me, but the events always start with a prayer or blessing and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ.  Every day begins with an opening and presentation of the flags and all veterans are asked to help bring the colors in.   They also remove the colors before the activities begin

Another thing that has surprised me is how inter-married the native peoples are. It seems that no one is full-blooded this or that.  Most of the tribes mentioned are what we might think of as the lost tribes east of the Mississippi.  I don't recalling anyone saying that they were Apache, or Sioux or Blackfeet etc.

The RV group that we are with here at the Pow-wow provided the servers for the dinner yesterday afternoon.   It went very well,  We started at 3 PM and served the last one at 4:15 before we went through the line ourselves.   Then we learned how good or poor we were.   We were down to the last dozen paper plates, just a few utensils, no salads or vegetables  and very few desserts.   We had a good supply of turkey and ham available.   (and no pumpkin pie!)

The evening program was an interesting demonstration of all of the kinds of dances, all to the beat of the drum!   Sandy and I both wondered what was the music like before the day of PA sound systems.  Or are we listening the same volume as today's teenagers want to hear (at their excessive level?)

Today will be all Native American activities  (and the beat goes on!)


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