Friday, November 19, 2010

Some Days the Sun shines Brightly

Yesterday was almost a repeat of the previous few days.  I'm beginning to love this slow down of sitting and watching the world go by!

But there is always a fly in the ointment and yesterday we had one of those guys.   It was a good fly (I think) but it has caused me to wonder what it is that I don't know.  Yesterday morning we called the RV shop that we'd like to stop in at and have our refrigerator recall taken care of.   No problem, they took the information and indicated that when the parts were in they would call us, probably in about a week or so.  Fine!

Yesterday afternoon, we get a call from the scheduler to inform us that Norcold is not providing us with the standard recall fix, but they are providing us with a totally new cooling unit.   It doesn't make sense to me unless there is something drastically wrong with our particular production run of cooling units.  If so, dare I even continue to use it?   Am I being blessed with a new cooling unit or are we cursed?

The background for you non-RV readers is that a number of RV users have had major RV fires in the last few years.  The cause of some of the fires was supposedly the cooling unit of their Norcold refrigerator.   Think about it!   We have a Norcold refrigerator.   Should we turn it off every time we leave the rig?   Should we be installing a temporary heat detector until the recall is fixed?  (Which only works when we're here to hear it!)

When this whole thing came up, it was no big deal.   But as I think about it and write this, I begin to get the feeling that I'm sitting on a time bomb and I don't know what the setting is!   We will install something today.


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