Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why write it, who reads it?

Saturday (yesterday) was a very slow day in our house.   Sandy was suffering from a sinus allergy so I've learned to lay low and out of the way.

In the PM, I walked over to the neighboring flea market and picked up some peppers and tomatos (the only things I'm trusted with on making a decision.)   But I must say, the place looked the same as the days before.   A few more people around, more tables occupied,  but junk is still junk.

There was one booth that reminded me of how my dad's generation used to stack loose hay on the farm.  It looked like he had cleaned out a house and everything (minus the furniture) was stacked.   I just chuckled.  Yes, there were some tools in it, but to see what kind would have caused it all to come tumbling down.  The stack (or pile) was about 8 feet by 10 feet and about 5 feet high with vertical sides.   In that space, you can get a lot of household stuff.   The seller was sitting on a stool beside it and no lookers.   The stuff was in sacks, boxes, bundles etc.

We did learn yesterday just how important our blog is.   Visiting with our daughter on the phone, she asked something about our recent activities.  It was obvious that she hasn't read the blog for days or weeks.   I guess that is the price of progress.  

Today is church, grocery shopping, laundry and pre-departure stuff.    Tomorrow we only have 50 miles to travel plus a stop at the small town post office to get our mail which is there (I checked the tracking number.)  Of course, there isn't much activity here and I'm really curious about where we're going.   It is a pow-wow on a farm 10 miles from town.   It will be a different Thanksgiving week.

Plus the weather has been fantastic.  75 in the afternoon, 50 late at night.