Sunday, November 14, 2010

On the Road to Florida

We left Congaree National Park yesterday morning for a leisure drive south. No schedule; just one goal --to  find a park with electricity..   We had targeted a campground on I-95, which was a Passport America stop.  The number one reason:  It was economical.

We drove for an hour and then called them to see if they had a vacancy?  Yep, come on in.  The campground is really part of the local Comfort Inn Motel  and my first observation was that it is too close to the interstate.   As time would tell, I was right!  But Sandy thought it was okay, so we stayed.  (Road noise is very noticeable and gets worse as you stay here.)

In the afternoon, we did the laundry in the smallest laundromat we have ever used, one washer and one dryer.   But it wasn't busy otherwise, so it just took a while.   While Sandy was busy with the laundry, Gene walked to the front desk to ask about the complementary breakfast she mentioned when we checked in.  It is waffles, pastries, juice and coffee, free.   We'll see if that holds this morning,  or if she says since we are using a discount card, we have to pay for it.

With electricity, I was looking forward to perhaps seeing some TV last night.  But it was a washout.   There are only two stations available intermittently, --poor reception.  I watched an hour of PBS and called it an evening.

With plenty of electricity available, we used our electric space heaters profusely.   It may be freezing outside, but we're toasty warm inside.



  1. So, was breakfast as promised? Your blog fans want to know.

  2. Yes, some of the best Waffles we have ever had. The batter was in gravity flow container on a stand. You filled a cup and poured it into the iron. Then you flipped the iron over, which tripped a timer for 150 seconds. The timer alerted you and the waffles were done (and hot).