Sunday, October 31, 2010

Relaxing by the Sea

Today we decided to sit tight an extra day.   So we paid the park another $8 fee, easy come, easy go.  I should have signed up for two days yesterday, but didn't.

It was a very quiet, lovely night last night. No road noise, or anything.  We loved it.  Plus I slept like a log and it was warmer this morning than we expected.  .So more to be happy about.

We went on a couple of trail walks, nothing spectacular, but we were out and about.  We walked up the boardwalk over some sand dunes to see what the seashore was like.   Just a plain sandy shore line.    Tonight I went back up there at dusk and there were two horses about a quarter of a mile south of me.   then one of them started galloping in my direction now and then.  I decided to retreat to the RV and as I arrived at the RV, the horse went running past on the boardwalk.   Supposedly, the horses are very tame, but I don't want to press my luck.  (It would be my luck that the horse would be a stallion looking for a lost mare.)


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