Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Week-end, 2010

The rally is over and the weather has changed drastically! This morning, we turned the heat on for a while, it was only 64 degrees in our house on wheels. Then about mid morning, the breeze picked up from the west and kept us well ventilated the rest of the day.

For excitement today, we had the address of the church we plan to attend tomorrow and headed downtown to find it early. Of course, I drove and Sandy navigated with her trusty GPS. Amazingly, it got us there and to the right street. There was a question on the address, which was "West Street South". Her GPS gave her 3 choices and luckily, I picked the right one.

From there, we headed to the "second" service site, which was the school, about 3 miles north. We found it also with no problem. On the way, we stopped at a farmers market and bought some sweet corn. Compared to what we have been seeing in Iowa, this stuff looks pretty scrawny. I had heard that this past August was the driest on record in Indiana and she confirmed it. The ears are not fully filled out, but she also discounted the price from what we've been paying in Iowa.

Then it was a quick stop at Walmart (they are never quick) for our weekly grocery supply. Apparently, everyone was shopping because the place was a zoo for people. I'm sure it is in anticipation of the ball game this afternoon (Notre Dame verses Purdue)

Back at the park, I realized that one of our compartments underneath had water in it. I think the water line had too much pressure at times and it leaked. So we evacuated all of the stuff to a dry area outside. There was no visible water, but the boxes were damp, as was a few other things. So they were aired out and the wind and sunshine appears to have done a great job of drying them out. Tomorrow, the water leak shall be corrected! Until then, we are not connected on to city water.

I thought with the rally over and many people leaving, this place might be a bit barren for RVs. No such luck. I think they have a full house for this weekend and the park wi-fi isn't working very well. Plus my air card seems to be very slow. Oh, the joys of traveling.


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